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Monday, February 4, 2013

[AlternativeAnswers] Medicinal Uses of American Bittersweet


Medicinal Uses of American Bittersweet;

American Bittersweet plants are grown and found all over North Eastern
America and Central Atlantic Region. It is climbing and twining plants
that may grow as much as twenty feet and commonly found on fencing. Its
leaves are green in color and shaped as oval and fruits blossom during
the month of July to October and found in clusters, up to 4 inches in
size and have bright red seeds. American bittersweet is called as
Celastrus Scandens botanically. Now, American Bittersweet plants are
regarded as Ornamental plants in both outdoors and indoors. American
bittersweet is also called by other names such as climbing orange root,
false bittersweet etc..,

American Bittersweet contains steroidal tannins, steroidal saponins,
steroidal alkaloids including soldulcarmaridine and solasodine.
Generally, all the parts of American Bittersweet are poisonous.
However, some parts of this plant such as fruits or berries root, bark,
leaves etc.., are used to treat various ailments in traditional
medicine and homeopathy system. American bittersweet fruits or berries
are bright red orange in color. As these parts are toxic and poisonous,
it may produce digestive convulsions and convulsions in nervous system
that may lead to serious and adverse health effects and hence it should
be used with caution and care for treating health problems.

Let us discuss some of the Medicinal Uses of American Bittersweet that
include the following; Bark of this plant has the property of diuretic
and the same is used as tea in India and USA to get relief from urinary
infections. Oil extracted from the native of Indian bittersweet is used
by Indians to treat various health disorders such as, to enhance memory
and also used as aphrodisiac. Ointments and decoctions prepared from
this plant are used to treat gynecological disorders, intestinal
disorders, respiratory problems, traditionally by herbalists.

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