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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: seizers


The following article about treating canine cushings (which can cause
seizures in dogs) alternatively was published in natural news....I hope
it helps

Canine Cushing's can be Treated Naturally

by Luella May, citizen journalist
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(NaturalNews) Cushing's Disease is a common condition in older dogs. Too
often, the symptoms are attributed to the normal aging process. Left
untreated, canine Cushing's can lead to serious conditions such as
diabetes, pancreatitis, heart disease, seizures, kidney failure, and
nervous disorders. However, with the proper natural treatment, pets with
Cushing's can go on to live a longer and more comfortable life.

The most common cause of Cushing's is a benign tumor in the pituitary
gland. The tumor causes the pituitary gland to over secrete ACTH,
(adrenocorticotrophic hormone) which, in turn, causes the adrenals to
release excessive cortisol. Because of this faulty mechanism, the
pituitary gland does not respond in stopping the release of ACTH.

In a smaller percentage of Cushing's cases, an adrenal tumor is
responsible for the secretion of too much cortisol. 50% of these tumors
are benign and 50% are malignant with the probability of metastasizing
to the lungs and liver.

The third cause of Cushing's in dogs is by overmedication with
cortisone, primarily to relieve allergies.

Cushing's can be characterized by the following symptoms:

1.Increased thirst.
2.Frequent urination.
3.Increased appetite.
4.Weight gain.

Other tell-tale signs of Cushing's can be seen by the dog's appearance.

1.Enlarged abdomen.
2.Muscle weakness.
3.Thinning hair.
4.A "bony" appearance in his head.
5.Hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Behaviorally, the dog may:

1.Pant excessively.
2.Exhibit lethargy.
3.Lose interest in daily activities.

Cushing's disease is usually difficult to diagnose. No single test will
point to a specific diagnosis. Three specific tests are given for a
proper diagnosis: a urine cortisol/creatinine ratio test, an ACTH
stimulation test, and low and high dose dexamethasone suppression tests.

Rather than depend on drugs that destroy the outer layer of the adrenal
glands, there are natural and homeopathic remedies that will normalize a
dog's output of cortisol. Here are some of the best ones:

* Dandelion - Helps normalize adrenal function. It is also an excellent
tonic for the liver and kidneys. Dandelion reduces inflammation in the
body and also contains vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth.

* Burdock - Is a cleansing herb that detoxifies the tissues and
eliminates unwanted substances from the body. It is effective in
balancing blood sugar levels and preventing diabetes.

* Arsenicum - Treats excessive thirst and urination.

* Hepar Sulph - Heals wounds and irritated skin. It is also effective
for treating infections.

* Astragalus - Besides strengthening the immune system, it also aids in
promoting adrenal balance. It additionally regulates blood pressure and
blood sugar levels.

* Mercurius - Addresses thirst and irritability. It is also used for
treating bladder infections and diarrhea.

* Sulphur - Reduces thirst, improves skin condition and aids digestion.

In the small percentage where the adrenal tumor is malignant, additional
natural measures should be implemented such as Oleander extract (note
raw oleander in its natural state is extremely toxic; it is the properly
made extract that contains healing properties), Inositol/IP6, Curcumin,
Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa), Fish Oil, Flaxseed Oil, and other
cancer and immune strengthening supplements.

A raw diet is of primary importance. It gives the pet the nutrients that
nature intended. Grains, additives and fillers found in commercial foods
are detrimental to a pet's health. Even the most high quality foods lose
important nutrients in cooking. Improvement may be seen by simply
modifying a pet's diet to the one nature intended.

The symptoms of Cushing's lead many pet owners to consider euthanasia in
order to end their pet's suffering. Yet, properly treated, a pet can go
on to live a good quality life.


--- In AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com, Boonight@... wrote:
> My dog is a senior and she was getting seizures frequently and had
bouts of
> dementia. Like staring at a wall for no reason So I did research and
> found Taurine prevents seizures. I was giving my 20 lbs. dog 500
mg. of
> Taurine daily. You can ask your vet or neurologist for the right
dosage. The
> Taurine stopped her seizures and dementia, it has been two years. I
> feed my dog small meals throughout the day to keep her blood sugar in
> balance. Also do not use a plastic feeding bowl.
> There are many reasons a dog can get seizures - Genetic factors,
Trauma to
> the head, Toxins, Allergy, Hypoglycemia, Diabetes, etc. A diet
deficient in
> essential vitamins/minerals such as Calcium, B6, B12 and folic acid.
> _http://www.canine-seizures.freeservers.com/vitamin_supplements.htm_
> (http://www.canine-seizures.freeservers.com/vitamin_supplements.htm)
> This was the link I found on taurine and seizures:
> _http://www.canine-epilepsy-guardian-angels.com/taurine.htm_
> (http://www.canine-epilepsy-guardian-angels.com/taurine.htm)
> _http://www.purelypets.com/articles/epilepsyarticle.htm_
> (http://www.purelypets.com/articles/epilepsyarticle.htm)
> Diane
> In a message dated 2/4/2013 1:36:34 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
> chincoteaguecolt@... writes:
> I know this is not an animal group, but, my Daughter's Pomeranim Dog
> yrs.) is now having
> seizers. They last for 5 minutes and has one about every month.
> He doesn't seem to have liver or kidney diesease.
> Does anyone know what could cause this and or what natural remedy is
> there ?
> Thank you all in advance.
> Gale Park Frederick
> National Chincoteague Pony Association
> www.pony-chincoteague.com
> chincoteaguecolt@...
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