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Monday, February 25, 2013

Recipe: For Daily Circulation


Many people relieve there leg cramps with a combination of Magnesium and
Potassium. Also to help your bad circulation. You need more Vitamin E, B &
C. Get a good brand natural multivitamin. Spices that helps circulation
hot pepper, turmeric, cayenne, curry, ginger, rosemary, horseradish, garlic.

A daily circulation recipe: 1 tbsp. of organic apple cider vinegar, 1
tbsp. of unsulphured blackstrap molasses, and add a pinch of cayenne in a glass
of spring water.

Virgin Coconut oil helps circulation, the heart and many other health

Fruits and vegetables of any kind are good for your health, particularly
oranges, which provide high levels of bioflavonoids to promote blood flow
while also strengthening capillaries, as well as watermelon, a natural source
of lycopene, which has been known to help prevent plaque buildup, a common
hindrance to blood flow, to help promote healthy circulation. Nuts are
rich in vitamin B3, which helps boost the blood. Garlic also helps promote
circulation. Cold water fish Exercise and drink plenty of pure water.
Avoid saturated and trans fats, as well as sugar, sodas, salt, fast
foods, processed foods - refined chemical foods, foods high in fat, potatoes,
pasta, white white flour,caffeine based drinks, alcohol


In AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com, Rita Childers
> Sir, I do hope you can help with my problems. I have numb legs during
night time sleep, once I get up and have coffee etc. they are fine , no
pain...also I have muscle cramping in all muscles of my body...awake or asleep.
I am 82 yrs old and my health is fair, I have bouts of asthma,,pulse a bit
rapid pulse, had "graves disease" 30 yrs or more , was taken care of with a
"radioactive capsule," slightly high blood pressure, Dr. has me on 1 bp
pill a day.
> When my husband passed away in 2007 Dr. put me on effxor 150, klonopin
,which helps me sleep .I fell 2 yrs ago and tore all the way thru., my left
rotator cup...part of right one..I function fine if I am careful.
> I realize this is really a lot to ask,but I do have complete confidence
in what you have written and really enjoy the website with all the
naturals" and info.
> Hopefully in advance" a huge THANK YOU and GOD BLESS.
> Rita L. Childers

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