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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: How nanopulse technology can kill off cancerous cells


Thank you for your enquiry. .

The Rife machine of the thirties were low voltage apparati, whereas the
modern PEMFT machines, deliver high voltage nanopulses characterized by high
intensity and very short duration.

The high power of the devices and their unique way of function are the
reasons of the wide range of applications and the remarkable results they
have shown.

Applied externally over the skin, by induction, (even over the clothes),
painless, without any significant restrictions and without increasing
tissues' temperature. In addition no considerable adverse effects have been
reported over the twenty-year application of the device.

-The function of the devices are based on the following principle:

The more the Electromagnetic Pulses are instantaneously higher, of shorter
duration, and of less overall power, then, the more activation of the
internal degrees of freedom of molecules occurs. These are factors of
biosynthesis: the less the dissipated heat produced (which is a factor of
bio-destruction) the greater the biological beneficial results.
*I hope this answers your question . *
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