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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] arthritis info and joint care


Helpful arthritis and joint care information on prevention and alleviation

This information is derived from the Edgar cayce research readings and from using it at the Edgar cayce clinics, from numerous reports from thousands of people who have tried this and from numerous Drs ,chiropractors, osteopaths, who has been using this kind of information with considerable success treating thousands of people for over 50 yrs. IN fact a lot of this information was used even ancient Egypt

This approach is totally different from being prescribed just drugs where there are huge profits to be made often at the expense of the patients well being.

In general these are the principles in dealing with arthritis
As you can imagine a good diet is essential in maintaining good health, emphasis was on fresh vegetables often eaten raw or grated daily to gain the maximum amount of goodness into you and fruits whole grains and light proteins. Needless to say ,regular exercise, massage preferably daily, with water intake of around 2 litres/day

And a once two twice a year detox should already be a part of your health protection.

Peanut oil was highly recommended and many were told to almost bathe in it,-- this is to be given externally, massage it in and work into all the joints, the neck, across the clavicle, the spine, over the stomach, in fact just about every where. This is to be done once a week or more. Numerous reports also followed over its use. One chap says that he has found it not only lubricates but also heals and had he had this information he would have spared much misery. Another lady says that with constant use of the oil she can keep her wedding ring other wise her finger enlarges. Another report from a doctor says that with his arthritic patient, first results were an increase in vitality and elimination.

Castor oil is also used on any arthritic, rheumatic, or muscular part and any joint pain as an unction. Basically an infra red lamp is placed 12-18 inches from the part to be massaged. Apply the castor oil on the painful area and let the lamp warm it and this will help the oil to penetrate the skin, this is done for about 5-10 mins. Then keep rubbing it in with the fingers and hand until the oil is worked in. Keep putting more oil on and massaging continued for 10-60 mins. Massage was also very helpful, to be given usually after another treatment such as an Epsom salt bath.

Epsom salt bath.and using Epsom salts
The bath is prepared by dissolving at least 5lbs of epsum salts in a typical bath and immersing yourself for a period of time. .keep the water hot and have a glass of water handy. The salts apparently act by drawing out toxins. You can also immerse any local part of the body in a smaller basin too, with people who have arthritic hands for instance or other parts of the body .also you can form a pack, by dissolving say 1 pound of salts in a small basin or pot and as much water necessary to saturate a towel .apply as hot as possible over the area indicated.and keep repeating the applications for 2-3 hrs .where possible use an infra red lamp or other means to keep the pack hot. Temperature of the bath water was quite high- . Where there is crippling of the joints of the hands, pain of arthritis or inflammation of the tendons considerable relief can be found by using an Epsom salt bath and massage. Use a large quantity of the salts about 1 pound in the water though, not just a spoon full. Soak the affected area for about 5 mins and then massage the affected area under water, rotate the joints and soak again for another 5-10 mins.

Oils were also used for the after Epsom salt massaged in were equal parts of olive oil and peanut oil- use the oils freely and as much as the body could absorb. Also done were Improvements to the elimination process within the body, the most frequent methods were castor oil packs, enemas, colonics, and eno salts. Elimination is the ability of the body to get rid of toxins. A very important and Essential ability in helping just about all conditions.

The research said those people, which undertook a peanut oil massage/rub each week need never fear arthritis. Apparently cold pressed oils are best not chemically extracted. A lady who could not even close her hand, reported after two weeks of the salts and massage she could then close them-amazing. Oils can be obtained locally

Another lady reports that soaking in Epsom salts then applying the oil gave her the best results. Pain seems to ease immediately and use of the effected parts returns far more rapidly than ever before. The oil had also relieved paralysis, which some poor man had on his left side.

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