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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] assimilation and eleimination


Assimilation and elimination
These are the two key stones of what makes us tick in fact Edgar cayce said if we could control these aspects of the human form we could extend life to whatever we chose, that's how important these two
principles are.

Assimilation is defined as the measure of the ability of any body to utilize foods that we eat, some people think that having massive doses of food will give them all that they need, they could not be more
wrong, it is all right shoving nutrition in but it is quite another thing if the body can absorb it and use it in that form.

Typical assimilation rates might vary from 20% to 80% and nutrition supplied in some forms will not be absorbed at all. That means out of every 454 grams of food you might only absorb 20-80% of that

What happens to the food after you swallow it depends to a large degree on the other three principles of your body namely circulation, relaxation and elimination. Circulation is crucial if assimilation is
to maintained at high levels circulation is helped greatly by some important factors;

Exercise, especially cardiovascular apparently something like 50 or so times as many blood vessels open up when exercising than just sitting .WE have something like 60,000 miles of vessels mostly
capillary type so you can imagine the effect of increased blood flow means ,

hydrotherapy treatments and osteopathic adjustments also help as does massage because the blood stream carries the rebuilding forces to the body it is these channels which need to be clear and stimulated so that the blood will flow to feed the cells and tissues.

Every thing which your body does, every activity produces waste and we get rid of that waste through the skin, the lungs, the kidneys and the intestines. Major problems start to occur when any of these important
channels are stopped from doing their job, we start to accumulate waste, bacteria start growing at alarming rates which leads to all sorts of problems as we become toxic.

Imagine not cleaning up the kitchen very often –leaving waste –what would happen, your kitchen would become literally alive with all sorts of creepy bacteria etc the same with our bodies. The fact that poor elimination's are the most cited cause of disease within the Edgar cayce research papers totaling over 14000 gives you some idea just how important this aspect really is. It gives you an idea of the importance of getting rid of toxins, rid of waste from our bodies.

Some of the diseases which elimination problems and thus toxin build up either cause or play a big and major part include.

Balding-poor circulation
Bladder stricture
Some cases of blindness
Brain tumors –poor circulation
Cancers and tumors
Skin cancer
Canker sores and herpes simplex
Colic-poor assimilation
Colon impaction
Complexion problems
Some cases of deafness
Feet swelling
Gall bladder –gall stones
Haliosis-bad breath
Headaches general
Herpes zoster
Unwanted hair
Kidney problems
Menopause problems
Some cases of myopia
Pneumonia problems
Poison ivy
Rheumatic fever
Scolliosis –eliminations were a cause and an effect
Skin ulcers
Female/ male sterile
Streptococcus infection
Tic douloureux
Varicose veins
Vertigo-some cases

Some other questions were asked of cayce which further highlight this point

(Q) What can be done to conquer the many allergies to certain fruits and vegetables that I am afflicted with? Is the cause psychological?
(A) Cleanse the system! These arise from toxic conditions through the alimentary canal.

(Q) What will stop the tendency to itching piles?
(A) Clean the system! And then, whenever there is the necessity, use Pazo Ointment

(Q) What causes night mares and lack of sleep?
Toxic forces or poisons in the system.

(Q) What causes swelling of knee?
(A) Toxic poisons in the body, the lack of proper eliminations through alimentary canal.

(Q) what causes the pain in my hip?
(A) The unbalanced conditions through pressures from poisons in the system. As indicated, as the
system is cleansed and the pressures are removed, with corrections in the cerebrospinal system, the whole of the way through, these disturbing conditions will disappear.

(Q) What causes his fevers or slight temperature so often during each day, followed by sweats at night? (A) A natural effect of uric poisoning in the system, not being eliminated properly.

So if you are suffering from any of these complaints it is highly likely that you could be helped by increasing your bodies ability to rid itself of toxins and wastes. It is as simple as that.
Phenomenal results have been obtained from increasing your eliminations. People's lives have literally been turned around,

OK so what can you do to boost those all important elimination's.just like we wash each day to keep clean , occasionally we need to have an internal bath too. These are called enemas and colonics, cayce
even said one should have a colonic every few months to stay in tip top shape

A Boosted immune system, Improved functioning of the digestive system Increased hydration means improved concentration, Increased energy levels, Improved sense of well being, Restful sleep

The benefits of detoxifying your body are both short and long term. Immediately after detoxifying you might notice increased mental awareness, more energy, more comfortable digestion of foods, and
better absorption of nutrients, as well as an overall feeling of better health. Long-term benefits can be a reduction of chronic illnesses

A gentle cleansing can benefit the body in many ways including improved health, mental clarity, restful sleep and recharged vitality. The emergence of your true inner beauty will become as clear as your
skin, eyes and shining hair.

It is not possible to use an enema as such, in people who have a colostomy or ileostomy

Most people are shocked to learn that the average person holds between 5 and 10 pounds of putrefied faecal matter and other foul material in the body.

The bowel walls become encrusted with un-eliminated faecal matter, creating a "catch 22" situation. Not only does this toxic material hamper the absorption of vital nutrients through the intestinal wall
and provide a breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria, but it also causes the blood capillaries lining the intestinal wall to begin absorbing these toxins into the bloodstream, consequently polluting
all of our organs

The UK is said to have the highest incidence of bowel cancer in the world with about 20,000 new cases per year. One in three people consulting their doctors have bowel problems, such as diverticulitis,
Colitis, Crohn's Disease, and Candida infections.

A major part of these problems will be due to neglected inner hygiene.

Infants are a perfect example. Ask any mother for proof—a baby will eat and immediately eliminate. Their new digestive systems have not had time to develop the mal-absorption problems caused by improper diet, environmental toxins and stress.

Faulty digestion and elimination develop in an individual through the years of improper lifestyle and dietary habits.

According to Dr Bernard Jensen, the famous American naturopath, after working with more than 350,000 patients over a 50-year span, not one of them was free from some form of bowel disorder. He concluded that all sick people have bowel problems and all sick people are tired and toxin laden. Dr Jensens Guide to Better Bowel Care.

Medical autopsies have revealed that impacted waste and blockages to parts of the bowel that usually have a diameter of up to 20cm, have only a 1cm passage for the waste to pass through. It is not surprising
that the incidence of bowel disease and bowel cancer is on the increase.

Michael Gearin-Tosh is a fellow of St Catherine's College in the University of Oxford. He has famously achieved long-term survival with myeloma, an aggressive cancer with an average survival of one year.
Living Proof is his remarkable story, diagnosed with cancer when he was fifty-four, Michael refused the immediate treatment consultants urged him to undergo and embarked on his own quest to overcome the
illness. His quest led him to embarking in Gerson Therapy, of which coffee enemas are a daily and integral part of his treatment. Many years on he maintains a daily regime incorporating them, and has
remained in remission against overwhelming odds.

Methods of elimination and detoxing

Lymph massage
Better lymph movement. Lymph is a milky white fluid that drains impurities and waste away from the tissue cells. A component of these wastes is toxins which are the by-products of metabolism. So, it is a
vital to our health. Muscular contraction has a pumping effect that moves lymph. Massage and exercise help to move lymph.

Fasting is one of the best methods of getting rid of toxins, but this too requires similar supervision when it is undertaken for more than a day or two. Supplementation with nutrients, especially sodium-ascorbate

Regular emptying of the bowels is an all-important element in the treatment of toxicity. Diet changes may be needed to improve the function of the bowel. In addition massage movements to the abdomen
and in particular to the colon will reduce constipation and in so doing speed up the elimination of toxins.

Digestion is also improved with the massage and with this the metabolism of nutrients and
antioxidants which are needed to neutralise the toxicity.

Improving the liver function
A major function of the liver is to destroy worn-out blood cells, bacteria and toxic substances. It also removes drugs like penicillin, ampicillin, erythromycin and sulfonamides. The liver is said to be a
semi-solid organ which is encased by a fibrous capsule. As it is largely protected by the rib cage direct manipulation is limited to its lower borders. The organ is however influenced by external
pressures such as those exerted by the diaphragm from above, an adjoining viscerus or indeed that of palpation. With the squeezing massage movement described here sufficient pressure is exerted through
the tissues to influence its circulation. Massage can also assist the portal circulation to the liver through the hepatic portal vein

Of course exercise pays a very important role here driving out wastes into the lungs and speeding up circulation, helping digestion, helping elimination of wastes through the skin.

Cayce used certain foods to help elimination such as leafy vegetables and in the mornings or evenings stewed figs, raisons, apricots or pears occasionally.

A great deal of elimination takes place through the lungs by means of deep breathing and cayce placed great emphasis on this aspect recommending some of the breathing techniques as used in yoga.

Just impeding the flow to the brain for a few minutes will cause permanent brain damage such is the importance of good circulation. The blood feeds our cells our tissues, the better the circulation the
better we feel .For all the bodies rebuilding forces come through quicker with good circulation. Not only does the blood carry the so important chemicals, which feed our cells, but also the lymphatic system carries away our wastes. Exercise helps circulation in a big way as does massage hydrotherapy, osteopathy and other manipulative therapies.

The cayce detox
Cayce 3 day apple diet
In extreme cases of toxemia cayce recommended a controlled fast or a three-day apple diet to clear the system and restore balance. That is for three days eat nothing but apples johnathon s ,oregon reds and the
like and on the third day 2 teaspoons of olive oil .

I have done it and many others reports indicate feelings of euphoria in many people. As a general guide make sure your apples are organic

Recommended in hundreds of readings was the cayce detox, the elimination process was found to be poor in thousands of people and the subsequent build up of toxins and poisons was found in hundreds of
people. The cayce detox was to help rid the body of these wastes. As the lay person can easily appreciate the situation in your very own kitchen if you did not clean up after every meal, bacteria would have
a great time multiplying and contaminating places every where. So many thousands of people have been helped greatly by helping the body get rid of waste the importance of this action cannot be overestimated.

Cayce prescribed the three day apple diet where for three days you would eat nothing but apples of the sheep nosed type preferably organic types like Johnathons, Delicious, Oregon reds, Arkansas black
and water. At the end of the third day a two spoons full of olive oil was taken.

It is often necessary for this to be repeated more than once, to become really effective. Reading 1158-03

The success that people described having done this regime was uplifting, revitalizing, feeling great, an euphoric feeling, greater mental clarity and physically more energy. It is one of the most effective ways of preventing disease. In fact cayce said that it would cleanse all toxic forces from any body. According to Harold reillys book he himself tried to detox three times a year.

Frequently prescribed by cayce in hundreds of readings, massage has been used for thousands of years with extremely good effects, some of the benefits are increased circulation, increased elimination. It can
provide relaxation or stimulation depending on how it is given it can help with emotionally affected people and children have developed better from its use it will help with depression and a hundred more
complaints. It affects every part of the body –nerves organs, glands, circulation and muscular tone.

Massage will help all people and cayce advised having one from thirty minutes to an hour and a half-using
cold pressed peanut and olive oil at least once a week. It can free up joints, relieve pain and soreness.

Other means of increasing elimination's are utilising osteopathic adjustments but you will need a specialist to do this in the main but this is one of the best methods apparently. Many times cayce said that adjustments were necessary as the ganglia feeding organs had somehow become impeded and needed to be adjusted ,this caused pain and slowing circulation .

Hydrotherapy is another method used to aid eliminations through the skin and takes the form as a sweat baths with certain chemicals added to the vapor.

Colonics/ enemas

The colon, or large intestine, measuring some 5ft in length and 2½ inches in diameter, is an important part of the digestive system. It handles most of our food and body waste and is essential to maintaining good health.
When the colon is not functioning efficiently there will be a build up of toxic waste, which through re-absorbtion into the blood stream, can lead to self-poisoning. It is estimated that 80% of all critical
illnessess result from colon malfunction. In the UK cancer of the colon is second only to heart disease as the most common cause of death.

Colonic Hydrotherapy is an internal bath which: helps cleanse the colon of poisons, gases, accumulated faecal matter and mucous deposits; provides relief from bloating and constipation, toxic headaches, eczema, depression, painful haemorrhoids and skin problems; and reduces risk of bowel disease, enabling better absorption of nutrients - leading to improved all-round health.

In Russia however, it remains standard procedure in all hospitals and clinics to administer a thorough colonic cleansing to all patients, regardless of their ailments, immediately upon entering any hospital.
Russian physicians realise that no cure for any ailment can be properly administered to a filthy, highly toxic body, which simply cannot assimilate and utilise medications.

Nor does a body devitalised by chronic toxemia have sufficient strength and energy to fully recover from such radical procedures as anaesthesia, surgery and chemical therapy. As a case in point for colonics, take pneumonia. At the turn of the century, before cancer and heart disease replaced it, pneumonia was
the biggest killer in America.

Back then, Dr. J.H. Tilden of Denver, Colorado, who specialized in pneumonia and treated more patients for this disease than any other physician on record, never lost a single patient to this dreaded
ailment. He achieved his remarkable record by relying entirely on fasting and colonic irrigations, followed by strict diets of raw natural foods. Today, pneumonia still takes a heavy toll among the
elderly and weak, despite all the modern drugs used to treat it.

Herbal colon detox products won't remove the accumulated toxic debris from you colon or small intestines. Nor will enemas. Colonic irrigation's are a must because the impacted mucus sticks to the walls
of the colon like Velcro. Therefore a continuous flow coupled with fairly large quantities of water are needed to release it for evacuation off the colon walls and out of the colon. Otherwise only very small amounts will be eliminated, negligible amounts.

At best enemas flush out the rectum and a small part of the descending colon; but they do nothing for the transverse and ascending portions where years of afoul debris, toxic waste, and impacted feces have

Put a heaping teaspoonful of table salt and a level teaspoonful of baking soda to each half gallon of water used for the first cleansing.
Use a tablespoonful of Glyco-Thymoline to the half gallon of rinse water used last. Have the water body temperature, not colder not hotter, and it will not be a drain on the body. The first two
colonics we would have within a period of ten days, then they may be made about ten days apart. We would have sufficient of these to cleanse the colon, so that there is no mucous in same.

Michael Gearin-Tosh, the author of Living Proof (ISBN 0-7432-0680-0) As I prescribe in my book Living Proof, coffee enemas have played a crucial part in my survival. I recommend them strongly and, contrary
to what you may think, they are not disagreeable. They are soothing and invigorating."

Castor oil packs

The most common way to use castor oil (and most objectionable, I might add) has been to take it orally. Generally, oral doses are used to correct constipation. The recommended dose is usually 1 tablespoon for
adults and 1 teaspoon for children. You can usually expect a "purging" of the system in about four to six hours.

Conditions Responding to Castor Oil Packs

Obviously, conditions known to be related to poor drainage of the lymphatic system will tend to benefit from this type of therapy. These would include complaints such as:

1. chronic fluid retention with swollen joints and pain
2. arthritis
3. upper respiratory infections involving the sinuses,
tonsils and inner ear
4. colon problems like Crohn's disease or colitis
5. gallbladder disease
6. boils
7. liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, enlargement or congestion
8. menstrual-related congestion
9. appendicitis
10. hyperactivity
11. constipation, bowel impaction or adhesions
12. swollen lymph nodes
13. bladder and vaginal infections

Neurological Problems

Several neurological problems have also been responsive to castor oil.
These include:

1. nerve inflammations such as sciatica, shingles, etc.
2. Parkinson's disease
3. multiple sclerosis
4. migraine headaches
5. cerebral palsy

castor oil was Applied to many areas especially around the stomach area

Ricinoleic acid or sometimes ca;lled castor oil and has been shown to be effective in preventing the growth of numerous species of viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds. (J Am Oil Chem Soc 61;37.323-325.) This would explain the high degree of success in the topical use of the oil for treating such ailments as ringworm, keratoses (non-cancerous, wart-like skin growths), skin inflammation, abrasions, fungal-infected finger- and toenails, acne and chronic pruritus (itching).

Generally, for these conditions the area involved is simply wrapped in cloth soaked with castor oil each
night, or if the area is small enough, a castor oil soaked Band-Aid can be used. (For persistent infections and those finger- and toenails that have discolored and hardened, a good 10 to 20 minute soak in
Epsom salts, prior to applying the castor oil, usually speeds up the healing process.)

See http://www.edgarcaycehouston.org/Research.htm

How to Make a Castor Oil Pack

White wool flannel (3 to 4 thicknesses of unbleached wool flannel, make wide enough to cover lower abdomen from 3 finger widths left of navel extending around the right side to cover the liver and about 10
inches long).
Plastic sheet—medium thickness.
Hot Water Bottle, Heat Lamp or Electric Heating Pad.
Bath towel & two large safety pins.
Instructions for use:
A Castor Oil Pack is made by soaking the flannel in cold-pressed castor oil (heat processed oil doesn't have the same healing qualities) until it is evenly saturated with oil but not dripping.

Additional oil will have to be added after each use to keep it saturated. It is a good idea to pre-warm the pack in a oven on a medium setting for 1 minute or by placing the pack on a heating
pad on high until it is warm.

Place the Castor Oil Pack on the area to be treated next to the skin and a sheet of plastic over the Pack to keep the oil from soiling other things. Next, wrap a towel over the Pack and keep it in place
with the safety pins. The usual time for a pack is I hour. It is a good idea to use a safe source of heat over the pack to drive the oil into the skin. Use a hot water bottle or a heat lamp for this purpose (a heating pad is not recommended because of the electromagnetic field it generates). Sometimes it is also necessary to keep the pack on all night, but do not use heat when using the pack this way.

Cleanse the skin after using a Pack with warm water and baking soda. This is important because toxins can be pulled to the surface by the Pack and will be reabsorbed if not washed off. If the Pack shows dark
stains after a use, discard it and use a fresh Pack the next time. Do not share Packs.
A book on this is
The Oil That Heals: A Physician's Successes With Castor Oil Treatments by William A., M.D. McGarey

Also two must have books on the medical side which give the treatments, the causes and the philosophy of the healing of his work are The Encyclopaedia of Healing by Reba Ann Karp ISBN 0-446-30981-8 This
is a condensed version of the readings giving causes and cures and some feed back from people using the treatments -Valuable

The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health through Drugless therapy by Hugh Lynn Cayce Harold Reilly and Ruth Hagy Brod ISBN 0-02-601960-4 Harold reillys 43 years of experience of working with the readings the results he, got the treatments he gave- a very valuable book

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