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Saturday, September 10, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Dr Bate's weekly newsletter digest and editorial - 9-10-2011 - Measuring Mineral Toxicity

*Measuring Mineral Toxicity

There are three methods of measuring mineral toxicity without actually
taking a biopsy of the liver. (The most accurate of all.)

Blood Analysis: This measures only what is in the blood at the time of
taking the sample. The problem with this is not only that it is limited in
time, but blood levels will vary considerably over time, giving very
inaccurate measures.

Urine Analysis: This measures only what was in the blood a short time ago.
If a 24 hour collection is made, then it is more accurate.

Hair Analysis: Depending on the length of the hairs used, this can measure
amounts over weeks or even months, and even years. We can also measure using
fingernails with the same general accuracy.

Here's a major problem with all three methods. Toxic minerals are filtered
out of the blood by the liver, and stored there (or moved to other storage).
The liver WILL NOT release these toxic minerals back into the blood UNLESS
there is something in the bloodstream that can remove them from the body.

The two "natural" chemicals that do this are ascorbic acid vitamin C and
Glutathione. There are also various chemicals called "chelators" that "grab"
onto all minerals, and render them water soluble, thus excreting them via
urine. (Vitamin C and Glutathione are not exactly chelation chemicals, as
they metabolize minerals, but they act the same way.) One of the best
chelators is zeolite, and www.zortho.com has a good one I've used. (If you
go there, use "drbate" as your sign-in and get a discount.).

Here's another source of inaccuracy. All the minerals present are measured.
This includes the minerals necessary for good health, (Calcium, magnesium,
iron, etc).

The toxic minerals are then measured against these "average levels" of
nutritional minerals. This means that if no, or very little vitamin C or
Glutathione is present in the blood, no, or very little toxic minerals are
released, and measured as a ratio with the normal (averaged) minerals, so
toxins may show up as very low, and not toxic on the chart.

In particular, this inaccuracy is a huge factor in autism cases. Let's look
at a hypothetical case of a male infant from a mother with a high, but less
than toxic amount of mercury. At birth, that liver is very small, and is
probably "loaded" with toxins. Breast feeding adds more toxins from the
mother. He has a very low amount of vitamin C, and even less glutathione as
an autistic.

In the hospital or shortly afterwards, he gets a series of vaccines that use
mercury (or aluminum) as a preservative. He already has a near toxic level
of mercury stored in his liver, and this (huge to a small body) increase
overloads his liver. The excess in the bloodstream goes to the brain and
actually kills brain cells. Autism is the result.

Measure the blood at this time with any of the three methods above (perhaps
months later), and the "apparent" level of mercury is well below the toxic
level. It's "stored", and can't be released BECAUSE of the lack of a way to
get it out of the body. Autistic children are very short in Glutathione,
and there isn't enough vitamin C in most children's diets to even begin to
remove the amounts of mercury stored. (The RDA of 75 mg will prevent scurvy,
but is not even close for good health.)

Big Pharma knows all this. Very few MD's do. In lawsuits Big Pharma has
been using blood and urine testing, and "false negatives" to "prove" that
the autism wasn't caused in these kids by the mercury. Big Pharma is an
expert at this type of lie and spin - witness their drug advertising.

From the above facts, it is possible to get a much more accurate measure
from any of the three analysis methods above. The simplest is to load up the
person to be tested on ascorbic acid vitamin C. For a few days prior to
either the blood or urine testing, and for a month prior to the hair
testing. This allows the liver to release any toxic minerals from storage
into the bloodstream where they are neutralized by the vitamin C into a
water soluble combination form that is then filtered out by the kidneys and
expelled. (The hair and fingernail cells also accumulate minerals from the
blood stream in the ratio that they appear in the bloodstream.)

Recently, I've been using hair analysis of the mother. Those levels are
still not accurate, but they are much closer, and a fairly high level is a
better indicator that the autistic child in most cases..

Why use ascorbic acid Vitamin C? It's relatively cheap; It's very safe to
use even in very high doses, most chelators are expensive, and Glutathione
is difficult to get into the bloodstream for any amount of time. It should
be noted here that "ascorbate" forms of vitamin do NOT take out any
minerals, as they are already in the ascorbate form. Only the plain
ascorbic acid combines with minerals in the blood to form an ascorbate there
which is then filtered out by the kidneys and exits the body. (A common
"joke" is that if the vitamin C has my name (Bate) in it, it's no good for
taking out minerals. Read the label.

In my former practice (80's & 90's) I helped many schizophrenics cure
themselves using only ascorbic acid vitamin C. For adults, I usually went up
to 10,000 mg (10 grams) per day in split doses. They were on this amount for
perhaps a year, but after a week or so, they usually become free of the
major symptoms. The vitamin C "neutralizes the toxic action of minerals as
well as taking it out of the body!

The amount in the RDA is ridiculous at best. 75 mg - Bah humbug! Talk to a
zoo vet and you'll find that the RDA for a 150 pound ape is 4000 mg per day.
Humans and apes are exactly alike in basic metabolism and vitamin C need.
I've been taking 4000 mg for many years, and I do not get infections from
bacteria or viruses.

The other good thing about ascorbic acid vitamin C is that you can't get
into harm using it. Take too much, and you only get diarrhea. Even in
infants and small children. For infants under 20 pounds, I'd use 250 mg
twice a day.

There are several chelation materials used today. Chelate means to "grab
onto". The MD "standard" is EDTA. This chemical is put in intravenously.
It's expensive in "doctor" time. Zeolite is another that can be used at
home, but it's also much more expensive than plain old Ascorbate Acid
(vitamin C).

Excess copper, particularly in women on the "pill" may cause schizophrenia,
mercury is a cause of depression. Mercury and aluminum both cause brain
cell death. In order to really cure such, these toxic minerals MUST be
taken out of the body.
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Thanks to all of you who contributed ideas for improving my web site
The many testimonials are now being put in the right places, and a complete
list is now there, along with a complete list of Dr Bate's articles. The
complete revision of the website will be complete by next weeks newsletter.


Phil Bate PhD - Inventor of NT Therapy
NT Solves ADD-Autism, Depression, and more
http://drbate.com - philbatephd@gmail.com

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