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Thursday, September 22, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: GALL BLADDER


I don't imagine you are not eating in fear of upsetting your stomach? If I were you try eating. The continuous bile flow from the liver now is still passing down that bile duct to the small intestine. So, food will provide material to react with the bile and ease your symptoms i surely HOPE!

My GALL BLADDER was so bad off the doctor said it really did not function as it is intended to. So now, I can already eat like I did last last week. I am eating eggs, bread, mayonase, fish, chicken, vegtables.......

I also had coffee this morning with cream in it.

Please relax and just eat some things. Go to Yahoo and look for what you can eat after GALL BLADDER surgery. The list is quite extensive.

I am going to try RED WINE tomorrow evening.


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> I got my removed. Have been having sickness. In my stomach for seven. Years help me
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