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Friday, December 31, 2010

Re: [AlternativeAnswers] Rejuvenating simple Techniques


Anybody can help me for some yoga tips for back pain

--- On Mon, 12/27/10, Satyanant Ch <helptohelp@ymail.com> wrote:

From: Satyanant Ch <helptohelp@ymail.com>
Subject: [AlternativeAnswers] Rejuvenating simple Techniques
To: NaturalHerbalYoga@yahoogroups.co.in
Date: Monday, December 27, 2010, 4:48 AM


Rejuvenating simple Techniques
Hope You all doing well.Today Lets discuss few simple solutions for
Memory power problem in Children/Adults : Most of the times its not a real
problem in them...its lack of concentration...so first try to apply
concentration methods...like activating right mind with explanation with the
help of Images or some story...Next...create interest on the subject by some
After all these are done.... a simple asana...like sitting on the
toes...standup and sit down on toes...balance on toes for few minutes...it will
cure the head ache from years and activate all brain cells..increase memory day
by day.
Lets see second method.....Jyotishmati / Malkangani (Celastrus
paniculatus) seeds oil....oil extracted from Jyotishmati seeds few drops in
3 PIPER BETEL( Tambulam/Tamalapaku/Vettrilai) leaves improves the Memory power
very fast.It has to be consumed in the early morning. If the oil of these seeds
is not available consume the seeds directly with this leaves.
By chanting the 'aaaaaaaaammmmmmm' more mmm gives more strength to
brain.You may have doubt about these sounds can create any affect on our
body....yes it is....have you ever observed the faces of different language
people.....chinese,japaneese,indians,americans,russians,mangolians etcccccccccc
see every ones faces...see the difference...is the difference caused by their
food.....every one are eating food all these foods...so reason is not
food......geographical locations.....india having different geographies having
different peopleRejuvenating Herb - Rhus succedanea
Rhus succedanea: Plant Information available ( Karkata Srungi - Sanskrit)
1. For Vomiting by Kapha : to stop this consume Rhus powder with honey .
2.For babies....the same combination must be mixed and dried to make
small tablets. These tablets can be mixed in breast milk or water and should be
fed to babies to stop cough.Read More......

Lets get in Pranayama ...Let me explain why is this Pranayama....will it be
useful....yes ...it cures all diseases...controls human mind and breath
completely can create wonders......how many days can we hold breath? and what
is the limit? no limit...you can hold the breath for even years if you want by
Pranayama.........but it need hard Practice......Rushis,Munis in India live
like that.........there are lot of proofs from different people in India they
met 1000 years old people also.....U may ask that how can you prove
that?........I am not here to prove and there is not benefit from that exercise
for me.......one more thing.....any of these yogis no need to prove any
body...and no need to prove especially in front of those people who are going
to die in next couple of decades...and they are not ready to teach any
uninterested,half minded,uncommitted,unfaithful people.....do u teach these
type of people if you have that secrets?....you will say no.......its waste of
time to discuss few things....because we are not here to discuss..there are lot
of discussion forums..unfaithfull wasting heros are there in this world...why
should we steal their work..let them happily , comfortable waste their time and
lets them criticize and give beautiful explanations....So lets move to
Kumbhamela....which is a Special occasion in India..when Lot of
Saints,Aghoris,Yogis,Naga Sadhus...come from the interiors of unknown places of
himalaya for normal people.
In the foot hills of Himalaya...Pilot Baba..who served as Pilot in
Indian Air fore and fought against Pakinstan in 1960s and retired at the age of
33 has performed 21 days Samadhi several.

Rejuvenating Food
Heeng - Asafoetida - Regularly used food item in India ...
1. It is used in food daily....it is the best medicine for Digestion.
2. It also helps to control Fits.
3. It kills the bacteria in the cough.
4. It regularizes the periods in women.
5. It smooth ens the hard stomach.
6. It should not be used for Pregnant Women.
7. It can even control Bronchitis.
8. Using Heeng can keep the eyes healthy.

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