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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Root Canal


Thank you Veeda.


Sorry about that. About the bleeding:
I am using baking soda and warm water a few times a day. There is a
product out on the drug stores called the "The Natural Dentist" mouthwash for
Bleeding gums. And baking soda has helped me a lot. My gums are very sore and
we cannot afford a dentist. When it bothers me, I rinse with mouth wash in
morning and the Baking soda at different times. The baking soda has given
my gums some feeling of being stronger. And I take vitamin C. I am having a
gum infection. The mouthwash has no harsh chemicals and it is all natural
herbal. CQ 10 can also help to stop painful gums.
Veeda wife of Jerry

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