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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Re: Root Canal


I cannot afford a dentist either for major work like root canals and crowns. That is why I use coconut oil before I go to bed just strain it thru all of your teeth, and leave on to sleep. It is not good just for cooking oil, it has lots of antifungal and antibacterial properties inside it. Did you know that you can also use Coconut Oil for any kind of fungal skin infection you may have, just rub into skin, go to sleep with it on. If you have enough time however you can wear it during day just give enough time allowed for soaking into your skin, before getting dressed. Articles are out now about studies showing it may even prevent getting cavities.

Also I use Jason Healthy Mouth Mouthwash with cinnamon and tea tree oil and tons of other herbal ingredients in it to kill bacteria and help with inflammation of gums and pain in teeth.

Jason Sea Fresh Mouthwash also is an excellent product for healthy teeth and gums.

Then if really bad infection already in teeth and gums, you are right about using baking soda to get ph balance right in your mouth, but first mix in dixie cup size a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, and one tsp. baking soda with rest water, stir around, rinse your mouth out and spit it out.

Please let me know anybody in here that has already used these things above, let others know if they worked for you too. You may however have such a serious infection down in the nerves and roots that no matter what you try, it may be too late. So I suggest all those of you start above regimine before a problems begins, prevention is the answer here I am afraid. Sincerely, Stephanie

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Thank you Veeda.


Sorry about that. About the bleeding:
I am using baking soda and warm water a few times a day. There is a
product out on the drug stores called the "The Natural Dentist" mouthwash for
Bleeding gums. And baking soda has helped me a lot. My gums are very sore and
we cannot afford a dentist. When it bothers me, I rinse with mouth wash in
morning and the Baking soda at different times. The baking soda has given
my gums some feeling of being stronger. And I take vitamin C. I am having a
gum infection. The mouthwash has no harsh chemicals and it is all natural
herbal. CQ 10 can also help to stop painful gums.
Veeda wife of Jerry

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