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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Importance and Health Benefits of Yoga

Nowadays people are too health conscious and perform many different exercises to remain fit and healthy. One of the best practice is yoga, it is a physical exercise performed using a series of body postures. It can be performed anywhere as it does not requires any special equipments. Have you ever tried yoga? If not then just start performing it regularly and you will came to know how beneficial is it for keeping our body and mind healthy.

Some of the Health Benefits of Yoga are -

1. Yoga includes stretching your body to the extent that you will become much more flexible than before and have less chances of joint pain in later stages of your life.

2. Meditation is a great aspect of yoga, it helps you to relieve from mental stress,increases your concentration and helps you to achieve peace of mind and calmness.

3. Yoga provides many breathing exercises such as pranayam, anuloma, viloma which helps to improve overall functioning of body organs and blood circulation is also improved.

4. Performing yoga on regular basis helps in making your body to resist many ailments as it keeps the blood pressure in control and healing rate of an injury or a wound is also improved.

5. It helps to make our immune system strong helping our body to fight against many ailments such as headache, fatigue etc.

6. Yoga also enhances your body postures and improves your muscle tone providing relief you from back pains and other joint problems increasing your strength.

7. It also provides a natural glow on your skin making it look healthier.

8. Yoga is the best practice which will help you to increase your coordination, concentration and memory power if performed on regular basis.

9. One of the most important benefit of yoga is that it helps in preventing obesity.

10.Yoga is the best way to improve your body Posture, Eye-Hand Coordination, Balance, Steadiness, Immunity.

The overall conclusion is that yoga is the best medicine for all kind of ailments and it is a great refresher of human mind, body and soul. It helps to make an individual physically and mentally active. So every one should start performing yoga regularly to stay fit and healthy for whole life .

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