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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Circuit Training – Benefits and Advantages

Circuit Training – Benefits and Advantages

Circuit training is an excellent way to simultaneously improve strength and endurance. Taking part in circuit training dramatically improves the fitness level of the individual.

Following are the advantages and benefits of circuit training -   

Circuit Training

1. The quick pace and constant changing nature of circuit training places a unique type of stress on the body, which differs from normal exercise activities, like weight training and aerobics.

2. The demands of circuit training tend to prepare the body in the very even, all-round manner. Circuit training is an exceptional forum of exercise which aid in the prevention of injury. circuit training is the best way to condition all body. Hence total fitness is developed.

3. Large number of players can be trained at same time.

4. Circuit training can be totally personalized. Whether a person is a beginner, or an elite athlete, training can be modified as per his/her fitness level.

5. Load can be increased gradually.

6. Fighting spirit can be inculcated e.g. if we take the time of the individual circuit, the other player gets the target to finish circuit in least time and this gives a room for improvement.

7. Circuit training is time efficient. No wasted time between sets. It gives maximum results in minimum time.

8. Circuit training can be done anywhere – at parks and playground areas, indoor stadiums, etc. thus it fulfils the desire for interesting environment.

9. Circuit training doesn't require expensive equipment.

10. Another advantage is that it's great fun to do in pairs or groups.

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