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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Re: [AlternativeAnswers] Re: How to replace hypertension medication?


Would You have any details on the " astounding study in one of the past postings " You mentioned regarding Hypertension ?? such as when , name of study, details of the study such as name of study ? Thanks, Dave

On Wednesday, November 4, 2015 10:53 AM, "shaul_morgenstern@yahoo.com [AlternativeAnswers]" <AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

This group has a lot of info in past posts. I advise you to look it up there.

Here is my two cents(X5 or more).

As to hypertension, a good bet is probably to get rid of grains & carbs. A raw vegetable diet for 3-6 months has been shown to really clear the arteries (there is an astounding study in one of the past postings). I am not advocating a vegan diet for life. God gave us permission to eat meat for a reason. Go for healthy fats, anything that does not get spoilt, is not alive- such as most vegetable oils. You can leave them outside a year. They get just as spoilt as a plastic will. Good oils include: extra virgin Flax, fish, olive, coconut oils, avocados & nuts. Leave out the supposedly "healthy" oils like canola, soy, ect... (anything that advertising dollers were invested in. if they were good for you your great grandmother would have used them). these processed oils realy are great- as machine oils, or for soapmaking, etc.

As to emotions, try EFT, or other tapping techniques, get rid of the emotional problems, we tend to carry with us a lot of baggage that stays with us and dose not let us get on in life, and our artists & news people make sure to pile on more.

If your mom is not willing, try EFT and think about her - it can work sometimes.

I advise never doing EFT or other therapies on others if you did not try it on yourself and found it effective.

On another vein, what about not listening or reading the news? I assure you that in another three months the news will be very similar, almost identical to the news today. ditto a year from now. (I skim the headlines only, and leave the rest alone) so why bother with the news and be tense?

God bless.


Posted by: Dave Emery <daveemery2@yahoo.com>
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