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Monday, October 12, 2015

[AlternativeAnswers] Goods Fats vs. Bad Fats


I eat healthy whole fat foods like butter, organic milk, yogurt, kefir.  Just think about lowfat and skim milk, they have to process it to get it that way. There are good compounds in fats that are beneficial to the body and our immune system. Its even healthier for your teeth and gums. You just have to choose the healthy fats and use it in moderation. Eliminate unhealthy fats like fast food, potato chips, fries, margarine, cake, etc. Also reduce intake of refined carbs and sugar. Do not eat GMO foods.  We now have to read labels on our food. 
Also some companies buy another company out and change the product, or the original Company tries to change the product and make it cheaper.  Someone told me the Kerrygold butter did this.  I tried many butters my favorite butter is Kate's homemade butter. 
Awhile back people were getting raw milk and were so much healthier. There children were healed from allergies, asthma, and other health issues. Raw milk was too healthy so the big Corps. & FDA outlawed it. Our modern day society wants us to be unhealthy and take lots and lots of drugs so the big Corps. can get richer and richer. We can not believe any of there faulty in-house research labs untruthful food and health reports. We have to do our own research, take control over our health and heal ourselves. We also have to make changes in our eating habits, exercise, de-stressing and our lifestyle.
Also do not become a human ADDICT AND ZOMBIE machine of Technology. Do not let them control you and enslave you with there Technology.  People are on computer and phones day & night wasting there life, and there life goes by them. Get out in nature, talk to people face to face, be alive and creative. For life to flow smoothly we need harmony and balance in work, play and rest.
Check out the old Traditional Diet (Natural) versus the Modern Diet (Chemical), and the Myths and Truths of Nutrtion


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