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Thursday, April 16, 2015

[AlternativeAnswers] carcenoma



I am a longstanding member of the group,
on occasion I contribute, but now when in need, one needs outside help.

so here goes...

my mom was diagnosed today with carcinoma in the spine (biopsy), this one- the doctor claims started with breast cancer, and mastasized.
so we understand that it spread pretty badly, we do not yet know exactly how far or what stage cancer this is considered.
the doc wants to do a spet scan, and hormone therapy, and for the pain in the spine - local radiation.

at least for now...

please give me information about the above therepies - should we do them? what are the alternatives...

she wants to go alternative-that is my opinion too (or more precisely I don't want her -or anyone else -to be harmed by chemo etc) , but my brothers are pressuring for conventional.

I am the one standing in the way of letting the doctors do whatever they want and turning my mother into a statistic, so it is up to me to save her - if I can...

the doctors identified me as the one who knows too much, unfortunatly, I feel that I know too little.

she needs my support, and wants it, but if I don't come up with a clear direction + a doctor who will treat her, she will be swayed to allow conventional treatment because of the pain.
so as you see we both need direction.
I need to bring the family proven therapies, and be ready with studies and references so that it is effective...
that is why I am asking help from our group.

here is some additional info (in no particular order):
we live in israel- is there anyone around to treat her here?
age 78

stongwilled- used to being the leader, but now she is in a bad low - that is no surprise

has Parkinson
high blood pressure
no known diabetes
had a cataract operation
no mercury fillings (but all her teeth are implants, I don't know of what metal, could be chrome- I have no way of knowing)
she is in pain, the worst is back pain, but not only there.
she never had a mammogram.
she has no allergies, and as a rule bears pain well.
she is not capable of making food for herself, and I do not live near to help with the type of nutritional help she needs...
organic foods are (unfortunately) not currently an option.

I am taking her (hopefully) to acupuncture -for the pain -tomorrow.

from some the above I infer that there probably is some heavy metal toxicity at the root of the problem.

we need some treatment that is not complicated (or expensive), and will deal with the pain quite quickly. once we gain some confidence of the family we can do more..

thank you!


Posted by: shaul_morgenstern@yahoo.com
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