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Friday, January 29, 2016

[AlternativeAnswers] How



How to deal with pain.



Pain is present inside any bipolarity, separation or duality.

Pain reincarnates.

Now pain is needed for birth and death inside survival system.



How to live in/with love.

Love does not reincarnate, is present ever and always.

Love is a presence inside oneness AND has the attraction power for growth/evolution of presence.

Love lives beyond the survival system.

Universal love does not know pain.

Pain again.

Pain is not lived love, because of unawareness where pain now is frozen/stored in the mind-past as a holographic story.


Love again.

Love is consciousness, attracting old pains out of the mind, now emptying the mind.


Pain once more.

Pains attached by emotions con not leave the body, because of the spiritual hormonal impact.

Pain without any emotional attachment can leave the body. The thymus and the spiritual immune system allow it. Pain is now just "water". "Gravity"


Love once more.

Love attached by emotions can transform emotional pain. Love does not need to leave the body. Moreover, the body needs more and more love. The spiritual hormonal impact base now on love. Love without any emotion becomes to feeling and feelings, creating consciousness evolving to universal consciousness.



The woman births the new being with pain. Now she and the new being are used to pain. This seems naturally. Here mother, pain and religious belief that this unchangeable is a logical approach, where pain is accepted as belonging to survival.



The man does not birth a new being. He knows not so much about birth pain this way, as the woman. However he is born in pain himself, he does not know what kind of pain a woman by birthing has. Therefore, man cannot accept so easily pain and becomes more emotional by it.

When such a man is very feminine, he accepts more easily such a pain.


Spiritual man.

This man can birth himself as a new spiritual being inside his own spiritual body. This self grows upwards inside. He is pregnant of his self. Because he does not know the pain by birthing the new being, it seems to be easier for him to take birth inside. "Levitation"


Spiritual woman.

This woman can birth herself as a new spiritual being inside her own spiritual body. This self grows upwards inside. She is pregnant of her self. Because she knows the pain by birthing a new being, it seems to be more difficult for her to take birth inside. "Levitation".



Here all pains are used for a benefit and a promise to come into heaven, where god resides.

Now it seems to be so that women are more easily entangled with god in heaven as man.

Only feminine man has the same option. Here pain cannot become transformed.


I write this by my own experiences and acting in such a way that pain can become transformed into love since 1981 and relating with many "people".


I now wonder what the final conditions are of such a path.











Posted by: Aham <aham@ewetel.net>
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