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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

[AlternativeAnswers] New here - Lots of previous certifications but looking to become an alternative health practicioner of Crystal Medicine


Hi everyone! And a special hello to Dr. Andrew!

My name is Merlina. I just joined the Crystal Medicine course as a new student. So far I have accomplished the following: Licensed Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Licensed Past Life Healer® (includes a legal license to practice past life regression hypnotherapy), Certified Angel Practitioner®, Certified Angel Card Reader™, Certified Medium®, Certified Realm Reader®, Licensed Angelic Life Coach®, Certified Advanced Angel Tarot and Oracle Card Reader™, Certified [in] Indigo Awakening Studies™, and Licensed Unicorn Healing Practitioner®.

My true dream and what I've been trying so hard to manifest is becoming a doctor of alternative therapy, and particularly through crystal medicine, crystal therapy, and sound healing using crystal bowls (of which I have a large set and enjoy playing). I am not looking for the initials, D.O, or M.D., after my name. I want to be a doctor, healer and practitioner of the New Age and Metaphysical healing arts, which are technically listed as unrated and not FDA-approved. I'm not concerned with that as I intend to meet with an attorney who can put together the legal paperwork I need to explain my education and protect me against law suits. My Angel Therapy Practitioner license grants me the legal permission to perform clinical psycho-spiritual therapy sessions and this is something I greatly want to integrate into my practice as well.

On top of all this, I am an Indigo Child. I am also a psychic medium. I have been reading for fourteen years and professionally for three years. Although I have my own company which I have launched online as a domain website, Facebook community, and have used VistaPrint to create my business cards, I do not have the capital to get into an office suite yet but intend to after finishing my Crystal Medicine course. I do not currently know how I will achieve this or pay for it but I'm letting that go and letting the universe manifest my dream for me. I do currently work as one of the ten featured readers (we ten are selected out of 450 possible employees and whilst they make $1.00 per minute, we make $1.45 per minute). This would total to around $87 per hour, but of course I don't have constant clientele to make me rich off this data. The company I work for is StarzPsychics.com and they are an ethical company who tests the people they hire and allow employees the largest percentage of money to keep from their earnings than any other site on the web. That is, we keep 50% of our earnings whilst nearly every other website for psychic employment takes around a mean average of 80-85% :( We are also a close family and are friends with many of one another as we have lots of personal interaction via our private Facebook group for Starz's company-hired psychics.

I write for Mystic Living Today Magazine, a magazine that Starz produces, and my most recent article was What Is An Empath? By Merlina D. Davis, which is viewable here if you would like to read it: Mystic Living Today - Bringing Love and Light to the World


Merlina is my pseudonym, however you all are welcome to call me Natalie or whatever you like. I'm a HIGHLY psychic individual with my gifts falling into the categories of Empath, Angelic Medium, Claircogizant, Clairsentient, an intuitive, and a professional in tarot, oracle cards, angel mediumship messages and angelic life coaching, pendulum dowsing, astrology, channeling, using crystals for casting lots, using crystals for psychometry, a medium with regard to angels, guardian unicorns, deceased loved ones, spirit guides, and I am currently a student of numerology, and now Crystal Medicine. I forgot to mention that I have specialties in life purpose, divine life purpose (something that LightWorkers have - both a divine life mission and a global mission), celestial origin, past lives and past life regressions (which sometimes involves hypnotherapy sessions), karma, spirit guides and guardian angels, soul mates, twin flames, and karma. And of course I read tarot and just about every divination system out there except for the I Ching (which I have no problem with but for some reason have just randomly not gotten around to studying that system yet). My page on StarzPsychics (if you'd like to read a biography - and there's also a video of me if you're interested) is located here: Psychic Readings by StarzMerlina on Starz Psychics

So please note that the above is NOT  an advertisement! I am on an official leave of absence right now so that I can pursue my Crystal Medicine course and start putting together a clinical practice. My dream, my plan, and my manifestation is to begin a private practice as a non-conventional and alternative healer and unofficial physician in the healing arts, particularly Crystal Medicine, Angel Therapy, and Unicorn Healing.

My experience with crystals is quite extensive and some of my favorite stones are... Oh yeah, I ordered the "Plus" version of the class and can't wait to see what will be in my Crystal Medicine Kit! (even if they're duplicates of crystals I already have that is still fine and just as exciting)! After all, each crystal, mineral, gemstone, and rock is its own unique being! So here is what's in my collection on short notice - I just dumped everything out of my bag onto my bed and I have the following:

Rainbow Flourite, Blue Aragonite, Apatite, Ametrine, Merlinite, Atlantisite, Kunzite, Prehnite, Phantom Quartz wand, Actinolite Witches Finger, Quantum Quattro, Blue Chalcedony, Anhydrite, Rhodochrosite, Chiastolite fairy crystal, Larimar, Petalite, Auralite 23 large terminated point x3, Apophyllite Natural Pyramidal Points x2,  Pink Lazurine, Blue Topaz, Chrysocolla, Malachite, Seraphinite, Blue Tiger's Eye, Medium Atlantean Record Keeper x2, Small Atlantean Record Keeper x2, Lemurian Record Keeper, Lemurian Seed Crystal, Master Starbrary (Quartz), Danburite/Angel Aura Quartz Starbrary, Lapis Lazuli, Crackled Quartz in the seven colors of the chakras, Aqua Aura double terminated, Aqua Aura double terminated pendulum, Sunstone, Moonstone, Angelite, Celestite, Chevron Amethyst, Aventurine, Amazonite, Howlite, Herkimer Diamond x11, Sapphire (rough), Blue Calcite, Apache Tear, Bloodstone, Red Jasper, Orange Carnelian, Yellow Jasper, Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Amethyst, Selenite (I have three of these huge 1x1ft squares that I use to clear, cleanse and consecrate crystals with simply by letting them sit on the slabs for a certain amount of time in the moonlight or sunlight), Moss Agate, Rain Forest Agate, Tibetan Tektite. Smokey Quartz, Unakite, Yellow Topaz, White Striped Agate, Black Agate, Red Agate, Pyrope Garnet, Natural Emerald, Nephrite Jade, Snow Quartz, Natural Ruby, Natural Sapphire, Snowflake Obsidian, Pink Opal, Purple Sardonyx, and Turquoise.

I'm sure I missed a whole bunch as I have many other bags besides the one I just went through but this is as far as I'm going to go with my list of the crystals I've accommodated since 2013. Along with the crystals, I have the complete series of Love Is In The Earth by Melody, and most of Hibiscus Moon and Judy Hall's books.

I am SO thrilled and honored to be taking part in this home study course, and to Dr. Andrew - please help me learn how to heal with my crystals so that I may create a flourishing clinical care business that's overflowing with healing, positive energy, and plenty of patients. Being a practitioner and healer of Crystal Medicine is my dream!


--Natalie/Merlina (Or whatever you want... You will find that I use Merlina as a pseudonym in being an author, on Facebook and other social networking, on forums and as an employee on StarzPsychics.com - the reason is to keep my identity a secret in that I'm Roman Catholic and New Age Alternative Healing is generally not accepted in my faith).

Thank you again and I'm SO happy to be here!

To contact me, my current email is natalie@davisspiritualcare.com (not the Yahoo email associated with my screenname. If you email me there, I will never see it).

<3 Sending Positive Energy to Everyone - Radiating Out! <3


Posted by: indigo.child86@yahoo.com
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