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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Empowering Resolutions: Starting and Keeping Exercise In Your Life


Good Morning!

Empowering Resolutions: Starting and Keeping Exercise In Your Life

This month we will be keeping tabs on your New Years Resolutions, in order to empower you, help you to stay on track and give you some great tips for keeping your promise to yourself. 

Exercise is what your body instinctively wants to do especially under stress: fight or flight, and it works. It burns off some of the stress chemicals which tension produces. Therefore, a tired muscle is a relaxed muscle. Regular exercise builds stamina that can help anyone battle stress. But even something as casual as a walk around the block can help you burn off some of the tension that you carrying around. 

Exercise and Love It!  Want to drop the depression? Want to get the blood circulating again? How about stop the aches and pains? Get back to exercise! It is the secret to better brain health, bone strength and good sex! What is stopping you? Here is a secret... exercise by doing something you love! It has to get your heart rate going and you have to do it for 30 minutes. Be creative, get motivated, get moving! 

How To Do It 

By increasing lifestyle activities each day, try doing four 10-minute increases at least five days a week. The idea is to just do more of what you are already doing. Here are some great ideas on getting motivated:

*Walk, don't drive. 

*Take the stairs at the office â€" not the elevator. 

*Play with your kids instead of watching them play. 

*Bike to the store. 

*Stretch while you watch TV. 

*Get up from the sofa to change the channel. Channel surfers get 
quite a workout. 

*Park at the opposite end of the mall from where you're headed. 

*If you've got an exercise bike at home, peddle away for 5 minutes while you're talking on the phone or waiting for the washing machine 
to finish. 

*Walk the treadmill while watching a favorite TV program. 

*Listen to music and dance your way through housecleaning. 

*Start slow â€" a few minutes at first. Then, pick up the pace and go longer. 

*Workout clothes are not necessary, but wear good walking shoes. 

*Don't let missing a few days become your excuse to quit. 

*Even if you miss a few days, you won't lose all the benefits you've gained. 

*Be flexible. Do what you can when you can. 

*Take advantage of opportunities. If you're watching your child's soccer game, walk around the field. 

*Playing golf? Skip the cart. 

*Find a partner. Climbing stairs at the office will be far more interesting if you chat away the minutes with a co-worker. 

*Instead of building your life around exercise, build exercise around your life. 


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