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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Insights for Getting Rid of Candida


When treating Candida it is important to consider the severity of it as well as how long you have had it.  We can understand this in 3 categories.

1. Mild Candida - At this stage the Candida is acute and may only manifest with 1 or 2 symptoms.  When at this stage diet, supplements and probiotics can often be enough to treat it. 

2.  Moderate Candida Infections - At this level a person may have 3 - 5 symptoms that are chronic or occur irregularly.  It is not debilitating at this stage but can manifest intensely at times.  When at this level stronger measures to be taken with herbs, diet, etc.  Some herbal formulas will work well for treating moderate stages of Candida infections.

3.  Severe and Chronic Candida - When at this stage aggressive treatments strategies need to be taken diet, most herbs, and probiotics are usually not enough for people.  Often at this stage people have tried everything but still suffer from Candida.  Since this is a severe infection pharmaceutical medications should be considered. 
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